As part of the extra programme of the Dutch Flamenco Biennial 2015 we present the photo exhibition Dancing Light - let it move you in cooperation with Huis Marseille in Amsterdam. Dancing Light captures the raw expression of flamenco in photography and in moving images: from the flamenco legend Vicente Escudero, who used film in the early 20th century to establish a dialogue with modern art, to the extremely individual dance expression of the flamenco dancer Antoñita La Singla, born deaf-mute, whose unique energy was captured in the early 1960s by the photographer Xavier Miserachs.

On Saturday 13 December Nanda van den Berg, director of Huis Marseille, and Ernestina van de Noort, director of the Dutch Flamenco Biennial, have opened the exhibition. The exhibition will last until 8th of March 2015. During the Flamenco Biennial there will be an extra programma around the exhibition in Huis Marseille Amsterdam. Here you can read more about Dancing Light

This programme is collaboration of Dutch Flamenco Biennial and Huis Marseille