Intermezzo flamenco

V Intermezzo Flamenco Serie - Flamenco Biënnale Nederland

The fifth Intermezzo Flamenco Series organized by the The Dutch Flamenco Biennial in between editions, kicked off in December 2017 with a series of concerts featuring guitarist Santiago Lara in a tribute to the music of of contemporary jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. Fusing the compositions of Pat Metheny with flamenco tradition, Santiago Lara blends bass, piano and drums to create a unique flamenco fusion, which according to the press “begs comparison with the work of Paco de Lucía”.

We continued in March with a series of concerts by Niño de Elche, whom you may have seen during the Biennial in January 2017 at the concert of Roció Márquez or in Isabel Bayóns Dju Dju. Francisco Contreras, Molina, alias Niño de Elche, is not a traditional flamenco singer. At this second intermezzo, Niño de Elche presented his latest cd, filled with unorthodox interpretations of the flamenco tradition.

The Intermezzo Flamenco Serie has been made possible by: