Isabel Bayón

Workshop midlevel/advanced | por abandolaos

Flamenco Biënnale 2017

Isabel Bayón (Sevilla, 1969) is one of the most important representatives of the Sevillan style of dancing, which typically has graceful movements of the hands, shoulders and hips. She is however not limited by convention, as she demonstrated in her daring performance in ‘Lo Real’ during our festival in 2013. Her next step is ‘Dju-Dju’ (21 January at the Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague), choreographed and directed by Israel Galván. In this performance she, in her own words, ‘gives in to the demons and fears, and the superstition that reigns in the world of flamenco.’ In Rotterdam, Bayón will teach an intensive workshop at two levels: beginners/midlevel and midlevel/advanced. 

In association with SKVR and 2Flamenco.

This workshop will be accompanied by Kambiz Afshari on guitar.

Workshop beginners/midlevel (>3 years of experience) | por bulerías
Dates & times: 20 Jan | 18:30 - 20:00h + 22 Jan | 11:00 - 12:30h
Price: € 67,50
Location: SKVR Centrum (20 Jan studio 2.1, 22 Jan studio 4.1), Rotterdam

Workshop midlevel/advanced (>6 years of experience) | por abandolaos
Dates & times: 20 Jan | 20:15 - 21:45h + 22 Jan | 12:45 - 14:15h
Price: € 67,50
Location: SKVR Centrum (20 Jan studio 2.1, 22 Jan studio 4.1), Rotterdam

Registration: Please send an email to Annemarie van Drecht at, and make sure to include the workshop, level and name of the participant. You will then receive the payment information. Your registration is only confirmed after your payment has been received. If you participate in two or more workshops, you will receive a 5% discount on the total price (palmas workshop excluded). Workshop fees cannot be reimbursed in case the participant cancels.