Flamenco Biënnale 2015

Childsize flamenco, a show for the whole family (5 years and older)
A Fun-Filled Flamenco Show

A unique combination of international stage artists from Dutch youth theatre and the world of flamenco from the makers of the successful flamenco fairytale 'Flamenkita' that premièred at the 2011 Flamenco Biennial and then played over 100 sell-out shows in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In their flamenco club house - a Spanish Peña - Antonio and Carmen invite the audience to join in an exciting mix of Alegrías, Rumbas en Bulerías with surprising excursions into Cuban, Arabian and Salsa music, delivered with wit, poetry and true passion.
Impassioned dance, rattling heels and fast guitars accompanied by piano, double bass and
percussion, tuned to both children's and parents' ears. Come sing, clap and dance with us! New compositions with contemporary Dutch lyrics by Sjoerd Kuyper and Herman Link, and translations from García Lorca and others. An engrossing flamenco experience with lots of interaction with the children in the audience.

Slick your hair back, put a flower in your hair, put on your flamenco skirt and a beautiful Spanish hat! Bring your dancing shoes, and a fan, because things will get hot! Listen...  The guitar is calling out to us! ¡Ole!

"Flamenkita, one of the funniest flamenco productions in recent years!" Marlies Jansen (Mundo Flamenco magazine 2013)

¡Van de Hak op de Tak! is also performing on 17th of Januari in Rasa in Utrecht and 28th of Januari in De Nieuwe Regentes in Den Haag 


herman link and rita iny concept, script & artistic direction
dick hauser & rita iny direction & dramatic advice
arturo ramón & edsart udo de haes compositions
sjoerd kuyper & herman link lyrics & translations
sandra kaas audiovisual effects/design
mascha meijman choreography, dance & acting
maya link vocals, dance and acting
herman link percussion, guitar, vocals & acting
erminia fernández córdoba flamenco vocals, dance & acting
edsart udo de haes flamenco guitar
randy winterdal bass guitar
thomas böttcher grand piano

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