Olga Pericet

La espina que quiso ser flor o la flor que soñó con ser bailaora

“A mercurial presence and a fearless experimenter” is how the New Yorker described Olga Pericet. The Córdoba dancer was recently presented with the Spanish National Dance Award for the wonderful mix of flamenco, contemporary dance and Spanish classical dance that has seen her conquering both critics and audiences around the world. In “The thorn that wanted to be a flower, the flower that dreamt of being a dancer” Pericet, surrounded by a top cast, delves into her flamenco dreams and memories. La espina… is an intimate, poetic journey through her own flamenco past. Happy and sometimes painfully personal flamenco revelations by one of today’s most influential contemporary dance makers.

“Olga Pericet is a new free verse poem in modern flamenco dancing” said the Spanish press. No one makes the “bata de cola” speak like her. The flamenco skirt extending into a long train which for a long time was out of fashion in flamenco dancing, is making a comeback thanks to innovators like Pericet, who lends the tradition a phenomenal dramatic power of expression. With similar eloquence Pericet handles the “mantón”, the elegant shawl, dusting it off and giving it a whole new flair.

“An artist in full bloom who will go on to write many major pages in the history of dance, whether it be flamenco, classical or contemporary.”
Diario de Jerez

"Ms. Pericet, a compact powerhouse of a dancer, passes through many moods and modes of performance.” - The New York Times

“Expect to be surprised; besides being a fiery and technically accomplished performer, Pericet is a mercurial presence and a fearless experimenter."  - The New Yorker



Stage direction and dramaturgy:  Carlota Ferrer 
Artistic, choreographic and dance direction: Olga Pericet.
Assistant to the choreographic management and consulting: Marco Flores
Musical direction: Olga Pericet and Marco Flores
Musical composition: Antonia Jiménez and Pino Losada
Sound space: Pablo Martín Jones
Singers: Jeromo Segura and Miguel Lavi
Guitarists: Antonia Jiménez and Pino Losada
Special collaboration in dance and accompanying: Jesús Fernández
Illumination design: Gloria Montesinos A.a.i.
Sound design: Ángel Olalla
Wardrobe design: Ana López Cobos
Wardrobe creation: Gabi Besa
Scenography: Silvia de Marta
Graphic design: La playa
Photography: Paco Villalta
Executive production, distribution and management: Ana Carrasco (Peineta Producciones)
Production: Olga Pericet

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