Meet the Artist: Andrés Marín

Flamenco Biënnale 2019

Meet the Artist: Andrés Marín

Meet one of the all-time great flamenco innovators: Andrés Marín (Seville, 1969), descendant of an old flamenco family. His father, who went by the same name, was a famous dancer, his mother (Isabel Vargas) a celebrated singer. His career as a soloist began 25 years ago in… the Netherlands. He then went to Japan, Berlin, America and worked with legends like Bill T. Jones and Jirí Kylián. Now he will be opening the 2019 Flamenco Biennial.

A unique opportunity to meet this “Picasso of flamenco dancing” after the show, during a discussion led by journalist Annette Embrechts and the Flamenco Biennial’s artistic director, Ernestina van de Noort. Also in Utrecht and Amsterdam at the Don Quixote keynote lecture by Maarten Steenmeijer.

Vr 18.01 Amsterdam | ITA, after the show