Classic flamenco singing, 'subtle and delicate as bobbin lace'

World Premiere

Live Streaming from Muziekgebouw aan het IJ
January 30th, 2021 |  8:15 PM

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Cantaora, guitarist and composer Mayte Martín (Barcelona, 1965) will kick off this biennial 2021 with an online world premiere that will have rising dance star Patricia Guerrero as a special guest. The recital will feature classic flamenco singing, “subtle and delicate as bobbin lace”, a program which makes the cante jondo (deep singing) sound timeless and goes “zigzag through the soul”, to borrow the beautiful phrase by Spanish poet Federico García Lorca.

The versatile Catalonian singer/songwriter has often been called ‘the best singer of her generation’. Her refined singing and her musical intuition have made her an icon of humanity. Even on her first album ‘Muy-Frágil’ (1994), she showed that her greatest strength lies in her deepest vulnerability. Her singing is like her appearance: pure and unadorned.

Mayte Martín updates the classical flamenco repertoire with wonderful creativity. But she also excels at the styles in which Spain and South America are intertwined - the Idas y Vueltas. For many years, the genre was considered inferior, as ‘not true flamenco’, until Martín revived it and gave it a new allure.  ‘Martín made the audience float on her voice of silk and honey,’ one Spanish critic wrote after the launch of her CD with boléro-like melodies to poems by Manuel Alcántara (2009).

With the classical piano duo Katia and Marielle Labèque she recorded De fuego y de agua (2008). In our Intermezzo Series 2016 she sang De Falla’s Amor Brujo with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra under the direction of Thomas Søndergård. De veelzijdige cantaora maakte in 2013 haar Nederlandse debuut in het Muziekgebouw.

Mayte Martín and Patricia Guerrero will join forces in a programme specially made for this extraordinary edition of the Flamenco Biennial 2021 PART 1: two strong, beautiful women, two generations in a classical flamenco recital, in which old masters get a contemporary makeover.

'To dance for Mayte Martín
is a gift from Heaven'

Patricia Guerrero


Mayte Martín – voice,  musical direction
Alejandro Hurtado – guitar 
José Tomás – guitar 
Special guest : Patricia Guerrero – dance

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