Public masterclass flamenco dance

Flamenco Biënnale 2015

Date: 27 Jan 20.00h-21.30h
Level: (semi)professional
Price for the audience: € 10 / € 5 with OBA- of Stadspas (tickets also available at the venue)
Location: OBA (Amsterdam)

In this public masterclass, you get an inside view of the methods of famous flamenco dancer Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya, ‘Farruquito’ (Sevilla, 1982). Two (semi)professional flamenco dancers (Conchita Boon en Wieneke Pastoor 'Pastora') will each receive a private class, which the audience is welcome to watch. This is a unique opportunity to experience the maestro gypsy dancer from up close and in a completely different setting. Farruquito represents a kind of flamenco which remains close to its roots and which has an intense expression, using only the necessary movements, with virtuosity and strength. This is flamenco as a ritual, as a religion. Unadorned and without dramaturgy. When Farruquito dances, the space around him becomes magnetic. Nobody is left untouched. 

Adress Masterclass location
OBA, Theater van ’t Woord, Oosterdokskade 143,