Maarten Steenmeijer | Tien redenen om Don Quichot te lezen

Reading, with Andrés Marín!

Flamenco Biënnale 2019

Maarten Steenmeijer

Ten reasons to read Don Quixote

With Andrés Marín!

Don Quixote is known as one of the great works of world literature. But why? Why did Cervantes’ novel become a classic? And why has his masterpiece inspired countless writers, painters, film directors and composers both within and outside the Spanish speaking world? How was Don Quixote read in its time and how do we interpret the novel in the 21st century? The lecture will be concluded by a discussion with dancer and choreographer Andrés Marín: how is the knight-errant presented in a 2019 flamenco show?
Maarten Steenmeijer, a professor of Spanish Literature and Culture at the University of Nijmegen, is also a translator and writes about pop music in De Volkskrant newspaper.