Israel Galván

La Fiesta

Israel Galván, flamenco’s enfant terrible, manages to stir up feelings again with La Fiesta. In his latest performance Galván takes us along to the after party, the after-show party where dancers and musicians improvise together. He translates his recollections of these nocturnal “juergas” – where his parents, themselves both dancers, took him ever since he was five years old – onto the stage. Eight dancing voices, eight singing bodies, turn La Fiesta into an electrifying world of sound. A celebration of flamenco down to the bone. A party that as spectators we never get to see. Flamenco is more than an art form, it is a way of life. But this is yet another cliché Galván seems to want to tackle with his “anti-party”.

An outstanding master of his art, Galván bursts all the preconceptions in our faces and plays with his own image as the star of contemporary flamenco. “To be able to dance, I have to kill myself a little,” he says. La Fiesta once again proves Galván to be one of the great creators of modern flamenco dancing. This Party will provide a spectacular conclusion to the Biennial’s seventh edition.

“In La Fiesta the king of flamenco breaks the codes of his dance without fear of the grotesque.”  - Le Monde
“This party is a blast!”

“And everything is flamenco, a flamenco that many do not yet understand – do not want to understand perhaps – a flamenco way ahead of its time.”  - El País.

“I have freed myself from the straitjacket. I expect my artists in La Fiesta to do the same. I want them to break free, like I did.”  - Israel Galván

“I try to reduce dancing to its essence, even is the end result is not pretty. Contemporary? Yes, because I live in this era, but I was nourished by a strong tradition that I always feel in every fibre of my body.”  - Israel Galván



Cast: Israel Galván, Bobote, Eloísa Cantón, Emilio Caracafé, Ramón Martínez, Niño de Elche, Alejandro Rojas-Marcos, Uchi UK. 

Conception/idea, artistic direction and choreography Israel Galván
Dramaturgy / Dramaturgical apparatus Pedro G. Romero
Collaboration at direction Patricia Caballero and Carlos Marquerie
Music/ musical codirection Israel Galván and Niño de Elche
Stage design  Pablo Pujol
Lights / Lighting design Carlos Marquerie
Sound design Pedro León
Costumes Peggy Housset
Assistant director Balbina Parra
Artistic coordination: Carole Fierz

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