La Chana

Lucija Stojevic

Flamenco Biënnale 2017

La Chana
Winner Audience Award IDFA 2016

In this documentary we delve into the turbulent life of dancer Antonia Santiago Amador, La Chana, who caused a furore in the sixties and seventies. Just when she was about to become a movie star in Hollywood, she suddenly disappeared at the height of her fame. The film follows her life from the drama that played out behind the scenes until her comeback on the stage after a 30-year break.

Lucija Stojevic, Spain / Iceland / VS, 2016 | engl subs
in collaboration with Cinedans

Sun 15 Jan 14:00 - Korzo, Den Haag
Sat 21 Jan 14:15 - Amersfoort, De Lieve Vrouw
Sat 21 Jan 17:00 - Rotterdam, LantarenVenster
Sun 22 Jan 12:00 - Amersfoort, De Lieve Vrouw
Sun 22 Jan 15:00 - Amsterdam, Kriterion

After the movie | Q & A with director Lucija Stojevic (only not in Korzo)