Talking with Strings

Flamenco Biënnale 2015

A warm Sunday afternoon full of flamenco for the whole family. Come and enjoy a great show with live performances, a workshop and delicious food and drinks for children and adults alike.

The performance
The guitarist and the dancer will have a conversation in flamenco language: the guitarist talks to his strings - with melody and rousing rhythms he elicits emotions in the dancer. And she can no longer sit still. The dancer talks back with her feet, hands and gestures.

The workshop
Before the performance, we, the audience, will talk to the flamenco guitarist: we will dance, clap our hands and stamp our feet. Kika will help you along.
During the performance, we will hear guitar solos and guitar and dance duets. Let the guitar enchant you! And come savour the delicious food and drinks made by Pepe, our Spanish cook!


Kika dance
Victor Rosinha guitar
Matthieu Acosta guitar
Jur Vermijs guitar