Andrés Marín

D. Quixote

Flamenco Biënnale 2019

Flamenco innovator Andrés Marín strikes again. He is Don Quixote of La Mancha, Knight of the Sad Countenance. In an energetic remix of “El Quijote”, Marín brings the tragicomic hero from Cervantes’ classic 1605 novel to life in the arena of the 21st century. With the same social criticism and as hefty a dose of humour as the knight-errant, Andrés Marín sets out – on a skateboard, wearing boxing gloves, sporting football boots and a number 10 shirt, brandishing lances and pistols. Supported, of course, by his faithful companion Sancho Panza (Abel Harana) and his adored Dulcinea (the brilliant Patricia Guerrero). Against a towering soundscape of flamenco, rock and electro, Rosario La Tremendita’s raw and ripping voice recreates the knight’s dreams and disillusions in a modern setting.

Just as the “ingenious nobleman” was fighting windmills, this “Picasso of flamenco” shuns no danger in his search for a new dance aesthetic. Marín, “flamenco” to the core and a supreme master of his art, throws some firm but loving punches at the flamenco tradition in his D. Quixote, but always with just one goal: to keep it alive. Enter Marín’s quixotic universe – an overwhelming flamenco experience.



Dance: Andrés Marín   
Dance: Patricia Guerrero  
Dance: Abel Harana   
Percussion/drums: Daniel Suárez   
Vocal/electric bass: Rosario La Tremendita 
Cello: Sancho Almendral  
Tiorba/electric guitar: Jorge Rubiales  

Choreography / Music / Dramaturgy: Andrés Marín   
Dramaturgy And Texts: Laurent Berger   
Lights Creation: Laurent Benard   
Scenopraher/costumer: Oria Puppo    
Composition, Adjustment And Arrangements Of Texts: Rosario Guerrero “La Tremendita”
Sound creation: Théâtre National De Chaillot 
Video creation: Sven Kreter                            
Video technician: Maeva Roure    
Sound creation/sound technician: Enrique Seco Repetto  
Cartoonist: Gaspar “El Pinturillas”            
Stage manager: Raphaël Lauro   
Executive Producer: Daniela Lazary