Patricia Guerrero


Flamenco Biënnale 2019

“Dancer in Focus” of the 2019 Dutch Flamenco Biennial, Patricia Guerrero (1990) is currently the biggest flamenco star in the making. Following her brilliant performance in  Andrés Marín’s D. Quixote (our festival’s opening show) her second solo performance Distopía proves her to be one of the most talented and original dance makers of her generation, in search of a new flamenco dance language. Guerrero’s body is bursting with flamenco, and she uses it to draw the most fabulous geometric figures.

Playful, nimble, but with tremendous power in her feet. This body full of rhythm explodes in Distopía, a story about female power and vulnerability in a society which deems itself to be perfect. Dutch philosopher Hans Achterhuis said: “Utopia turns into dystopia when people are hit in their intimate being: love, fear, anger.”

Patricia Guerrero acts and dances these emotions out between dream and reality, truth and insanity, in a pulsating flamenco soundscape. Energetic, frenetic and with a little nod to Pina Bausch. “A stage animal, a dancer with supernatural power and charisma” is what the Spanish press said. Patricia Guerrero: A Star is Born.

‘It is given to few, but Guerrero’s body is pure dance. (…) Her magnificent body is an inexhaustible source, giving maximum expression to her character. Her feet, incredibly powerful, typical of the Granada style of dance (the school of Eva Yerbabuena is evident) become a musical instrument in the superb soundscape created by Dani de Morón and Agustín Diassera. A tireless, powerful dancer in full bloom.” – Diario de Sevilla/Rosalía Gómez.



Direction and dramaturgy  – Juan Dolores Caballero
Lights  – Manuel Madueño
Patricia Guerrero – dance, artistic direction, choregraphy
Dani de Morón – flamenco guitar, musical direction
José Manuel Posada “Popo” – bass guitar / double bass
Agustín Diassera - percussion

Sergio “El Colorao” - vocals
Alicia Naranjo – vocals/acting
Ángel Fariña - dance
Rodrigo García Castillo – dance/acting

Costume - Laura Capote / María López Sánchez
Shoes - Begoña Cervera exclusief voor Patricia Guerrero
Photography - Naemi Ueta
Lights - Sergio Collantes de Terán
Sound  – Rafael Pipió / Ángel Olalla
Production - Compañía Patricia Guerrero - Endirecto FT S.L.
Head of production - Guiomar Fernández Troncoso
A co-production of Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla and Festival de Cante Jondo Antonio Mairena.
With support of: Instituto Nacional de Artes Escénicas y Música