Rosario La Tremendita

Delirium Tremens 2.0

Rosario “La Tremendita” is nicknamed The Warrior for a reason. The singer with the gentle, raw voice holds her own in the world of flamenco. Born in the gypsy quarter of Triana in Seville and brought up by her great-grandparents on the “cante jondo”, La Tremendita knows where and how to give the old singing just that little tweak to make it hurt. “El pellizco”,  the secret weapon of any good singer, comes naturally to her. So it is no surprise that flamenco innovators like Belén Maya, Andrés Marín and Rocío Molina have been touring the international stages with her for many years.

With Delirium Tremens 2.0, her third solo album, La Tremendita surprised many by emerging as a modern singer-songwriter. She wrote both the music and the lyrics herself, finding inspiration in the poetry of Anne Sexton, and accompanying herself on (bass) guitar. The album is her musical answer to a period of personal crisis which, she said, liberated her. The album breathes flamenco, but is at the same time a step towards musical freedom by an originally precocious flamenco singer in search of new ways.

Rosario La Tremendita will also be seen and heard in Andrés Marín’s D. Quixote, the Seventh Flamenco Biennial’s opening show.

“You can’t get more flamenco than Rosario ‘La Tremendita’. When she sings one of her great-grandmother La Pescaera’s “bulerías”, there is no getting around her. And when she sings it without guitar accompaniment, she is spine-tingling. With her  ‘cante puro’ she enthralls you in a flash and seems to stop time itself. (…) La Tremendita makes the soul tremble and stirs its deepest secrets.” - Le Monde

“A cocktail of pure psychedelic flamenco.” - Diario de Sevilla

“The singing should stroke you very deeply, give you a little pinch and sound semi- quiet. Only then does it hurt. Only then does it penetrate.”
- Manolo Caracol  (1909-1973)



Rosario La Tremendita -  vocals, guitar
Pablo Martin Jones – percussion
Juanfe Pérez – bass guitar

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