Flamenco Biënnale 2016

Tour April 2016 | Ana Morales recycles flamenco tradition

13 April Korzo (Den Haag), 14 April Odeon (Zwolle), 15 April Schouwburg Rotterdam, 16 April Musis Sacrum/Stadsstheater Arnhem, 17 April RASA (Utrecht), 20 April Paradiso (Amsterdam), 22 April De Roma (Antwerpen), 23 April Muziekpublique (Brussel)

In her first major show young dancer and choreographer Ana Morales addresses a current theme and turns it into art: the recycling culture. In ReciclARTE – a   pun on ‘recycling’ and ‘arte’ – she performs a four-part choreography with contemporary dancer Sergio González, in which she recycles the flamenco tradition. Morales finds her own artistic path in this thought-provoking piece, a clever reflection about our disposable society. Materials like burlap, wood, metal, paper and cotton find their new purpose in flamenco dresses, which were designed especially for her by students of Sevilla’s art academy. The piece was directed by the famous choreographer duo Estévez y Paños. Ana Morales is famed for her strong expression, sensuality, virtuosity and innovative drive. ‘She is capable of moving the audience even while standing still,’ according to Spanish critic. Morales is one of the greatest promises of modern-day flamenco dance.

Having started her dance training in Barcelona, at the age of sixteen, Ana Morales (1982) moved to Seville to study flamenco dance. After three years with the Compañía Andaluza de Danza, she performed with leading dancers like Javier la Torre, Andrés Marín, Javier Barón, and Eva la Hierbabuena. She danced in Carlos Saura's film Iberia, and in 2009 received the famous dance award at the Festival Internacional de La Unión. Her first major show ReciclARTE in which she danced in clothes made from recycled materials like burlap and paper, was choreographed by leading choreographers Estévez y Paños. At our last Biennial she stood out in Los Invitados, Belén Maya's opening show in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. At the request of the festival she created Bagatelles, an impromptu of flamenco and electronics. In her own words, this experiment had ‘a profound effect on her artistic life’. She is currently dividing her time between her own performances and her role as soloist in the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, led by Rafaela Carrasco.





Ana Morales dance & choreography

Sergio González dance

Miguel Ortega vocals

Jesús Guerrero guitar

Jorge Pérez percussion