Luna Zegers Kwartet

CD Presentation Entre Dos Mundos

Flamenco Biënnale 2017

When jazz singer Luna Zegers discovered the 'Spanish primeval scream' in the raw voice of the legendary Camarón de la Isla, she knew what she had to do. She immediately travelled to Seville and immersed herself in flamenco, which offered her a musical expression for her own innermost feelings. In 2015 she graduated in flamenco singing from the Barcelona conservatoire as the first foreigner ever to do so.

Luna's love of flamenco is strongly connected to her own life story, which is collated on her début album Entre dos Mundos (Between Two Worlds), for which she wrote the lyrics herself, and also created the compositions and arrangements. Luna sings about what has made her into who she now is, through themes of grief, loss, renewed zest for life, hope and love - deeply personal stories moulded into flamenco. She is equally at home in many worlds - in Spain and the Netherlands, in jazz and flamenco - and moves between them with consummate ease.

Sa 14 Jan 20:30h - RASA, Utrecht (Double Bill met Tino van der Sman)
Sun 15 Jan 19:00h - Korzo, Den Haag


Luna Zegers - vocals, compositions
Eduardo Cortés - guitar
Israel Suarez “Piraña” - percussion
Marco Zenini - double bass