Flamenco Biënnale 2015

For flamenco dancer, robotic fan, interactive floor and other live electronics.

Free performance in the hall of Muziek Gebouw aan 't IJ, prior to De Falla Flamenco of Cañizares & Christianne Stotijn & Ed Spanjaard

The Flamenco Biennial brought together dancer Ana Morales and sound artist Enrique Tomás from Madrid for an exiting flamenco experiment in which dance, rhythm and electronics interact. Bagatelles is a series of flamenco impromptus combined with live electronics. A stage full of interactive objects is waiting for Ana Morales to bring them to life: through her movements, robots, a floor and digital instruments an astonishing soundscape is created. In an free choreography she takes her lead from the live electronic music generated by Enrique Tomás. Together they create new spaces for flamenco in which the old art communicates with the latest technology. Ana Morales is famed for her strong expression, sensuality, virtuosity and urge to innovate on stage. She is currently dividing her time between her own performances and her role as soloist in the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía.

Bagatelles will also be performed at 18 January at LantarenVenster Rotterdam and 22  January at Muziekgebouw aan het IJ Amsterdam.

Ana Morales (1982) is one of the greatest promises of modern-day flamenco dance. After starting her dance training in Barcelona, at the age of sixteen she moved to Seville to study flamenco dance. After three years with the Compañía Andaluza de Danza, she performed with leading dancers like Javier la Torre, Andrés Marín and Javier Barón. She danced in Carlos Saura's film Iberia, and in 2009 received the coveted dance award at the Festival Internacional of La Unión. Her first major show ‘ReciclArte’ (Recycling) in which she danced in clothes made from recycled materials like sackcloth, paper etc. was choreographed by leading choreographers Estévez y Paños. At this Biennial she will appear in Los Invitados, Belén Maya's opening show in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg and at various other venues in her performance Bagatelles with the talented young sound artist Enrique Tomás from Madrid.



ana morales, enrique tomás - artistic direction.
ana morales - dancing and choreography
enrique tomás - music and interactive installations
clemens pichler - technical direction and sound
jochen zeirzer - abanico (robot)
alberto boem - laser cut records
flamenco biënnale nederland, enrique tomás, susanne zellinger - production

a creation of the flamenco biënnale nederland, 2015