Een coproductie van Flamenco Biënnale Nederland & Slagwerk Den Haag

2019 | ¡Kick- Pluck - Planta - Tacón - Tap- Clap- Clack!

'¡Kick- Pluck - Planta - Tacón - Tap- Clap- Clack!'

Festivalcreation 2019

Een coproduction of Flamenco Biënnale Nederland & Slagwerk Den Haag

Drumming feet, clapping hands, clicking fingers, clattering castanets, brilliantly timed olé’s: no art from is more percussive than flamenco. Renowned percussion group Slagwerk Den Haag and phenomenal dancer (and rhythm box) Eduardo Guerrero challenge each other with lots of pep and power and in a thrilling percussive “battle”.
In this new festival creation the rising star from Cadiz employs body and feet as percussion instruments in a landscape he has never entered before. The traditional “zapateado”, the flamenco feet rhythms, and the “pure flamenco body” acquire a whole new meaning.
Is this still flamenco? Sí!

The rich, driving flamenco rhythms rattle in every possible way. A simple table is turned into a percussion instrument, a “cajon” (hand drum) gets an electronic upgrade and live castanets, “castañuelas”, take on a computerized castanet orchestra! Man versus machine, emotion versus rhythm.

Interested in new flamenco sounds? Then don’t miss this encounter.

¡Kick-Pluck - Planta - Tacón - Tap- Clap- Clack!' can be seen on 2 January in the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ as an energetic' triple bill ', together with 'Luminescencia' from the AmirElsaffar Ensemble and 'DeDos' by Tony Roe and José Quevedo. On 3 January you will see this performance as a double bill together with Luminescencia in TivoliVredenburg.