Dutch Flamenco Biennial 2019

The Dutch Flamenco Biennial 2019 will bring in it's seventh edition the vanguard of contemporary flamenco to the Netherlands from the 18th of January till the until 10th of Februari 2019.

For the seventh time, the leading biennial music and dance festival will present the latest developments in flamenco and feature maverick makers, big stars and upcoming talent. In sparkling rhythms and passionate song and dance, a new crop of flamenco makers explore the boundaries of the ancient flamenco art and bring tradition and experiment together in extraordinary concerts and performances. They form creative alliances and cross-fertilise with jazz, contemporary dance and music, baroque music, Indian and oriental music.

This year, the festival travels to 8 cities: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Eindhoven, Amersfoort, Maastricht and also Antwerp in Belgium. Over forty dance performances and concerts during Flamenco Biennial are rounded with an extensive programme of master classes, workshops, lectures, films and documentaries, flamenco dinners, shows for children and after-parties.

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